Destroy The Technical Barriers
That Has Have Held You Back
From Making Your Fortune On
The Internet!”

XTreme Profit Machine Videos Is Your Genie In A Bottle,
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This Is Your Step-By-Step Technical Training Blueprint You Have Been Waiting For! 18 Modules With Over 200 Video Tutorials Of Solid 'Do This, Do That' Videos... You Simply Cannot Lose!



Dear Entrepreneur (& Future I.M. Guru),

Do you have a list of things you just hate to do for one reason or another? Or maybe a list of things you just can't seem to grasp no matter how hard you try and try?

It might be something that just does not seem to be you, or the reason you hate it so much is because you are just baffled as to how to do it.

Well always at the top of my list of things I prefer not to do are all the technical aspects of online marketing. After all the time I have been making money online I still do not like doing the tech work. But it has to be done, it is required or my business pretty much is over.

Guess what?... The Same goes for your business!

Today you're going to discover the complete Step-By-Step Technical Training Blueprint that is going to finally give you the help you need to start making money on the Internet, even for you, and even if you have no previous experience or technical knowledge.

As impossible as it seems, this is the ONLY website online where you're going to discover his exact, step-by-step and proven blueprint to how to finally break down the technical barriers that have been holding you back from making the fortune on the Internet that you rightly deserve.

Now, just so we get this straight, I am not saying you have to do all of the technical craziness yourself. By no means am I saying that at all.

You have other options which involve outsourcing to others to do it for you. But when there's no one around and no one to do the job quick enough for you, that's when you really have to take FULL control of your business.

So even though I do not enjoy the tech work I still am very glad I know how to get it done when it is left up to me. Sometimes I even amaze myself when I set back and look at the things I can do.

I want you to be able to take a look back on things and be amazed at yourself! My technical training blueprint is created in a way that "almost any beginner" would understand.

With that being said let's get you going!


Never Stuggle Again!


“Get You Hands On Over 200 step-by-step training video tutorials to follow along with...”


You Won't Hear Any 'UM-BUTS' OR...
'BUT-UMS' In These Videos!

These videos are created for the novice / newbie who wants to learn the ropes of an online business. The videos are created so they are independent from each other. This means that they do not refer to the other videos in this series and will compliment any related training content you have.


Module #1, #2, #3 - Getting Started

43 Video Tutorials.

These beginning videos will teach you everything you need to get started. From organizing, hosting, preventing attacks on your hosting, setting up and securing your WordPress site and much much more!

The videos are created so they are independent from each other. This means that they do not refer to the other videos in this series



Module #4 - HTML/HTML5

17 Video Tutorials.

Finally, Learn the Basics of HTML Code So That You Can Edit HTML Easily - Even If You're A TechnoPhobe.

This 17-part video course is designed to show you how you can quickly and easily learn the basics of HTML so you can survive the online world.



Module #5 - CSS

19 Video Tutorials.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is the code that styles web content. CSS basics walks through what you need to get started.

We'll answer questions like: How do I make text red? How do I make content display at a certain location in the (webpage) layout? How do I decorate my webpage with background images and colors?


Module #6 - FTP Know How

17 Video Tutorials.

Discover How You Too Can Quickly and Easily Setup Your Website, Transfer Files, and Maintain Your Website Without The Worries Of Being a Tech Savvy Person…Starting Today!”

Too Many Courses Presume You Already Know (FTP) File TransferAnd Website Maintance Basics. This Is Your Missing Link To Creating and Maintaining Your Website.


Module #7 - Navigating Paypal

12 Video Tutorials.

PayPal offers the simplest shopping cart solution for all of your online businesses.

This tutorial will show you how to create a PayPal Buy Now button, learn about PayPal fees, custom pages, mass payments and more.



Module #8 - Using Amazon S3


11 Video Tutorials.

How to Host Files with Amazon S3 Without Wading Through Complex Instructions

This video course will take you behind the scenes to help you understand how to host your files via Amazon S3 the time-saving way.


Module #9 - Digital Products

10 Video Tutorials.

Digital Product videos is everything you need to know about how to create and sell profitable digital products online.

Mastering how to create and sell digital products online is the BEST skill you can learn. Learn to become a digital product master and become part of the elite.




Module #10 - Launching Digital Products


10 Video Tutorials.

You Will Discover How To Use Product Launches To SKYROCKET Your Business!

Mastering how to use the power of product launches is one of the BEST skills you can learn. You can literally write your own paycheck when you master online product launches!


Module #11 - PLR Tactics

12 Video Tutorials.

If you're looking for the fastest, easiest way to create your own super-profitable info products, then this will be the most interesting thing you can view today

...And see EVERYTHING, personally explained in detail. It's the exact process of finding some of the great PLR content already out there, and turning it into best-selling products that sell on autopilot, again and again. Now you too can share in the exact strategies that I use to make money while sitting on my couch.



Module #12 - List Building


10 Video Tutorials.

The One and Only Video Guide You Need to Master List Building

Imagine the power you'll have when you've got a list you can email out to anytime you want... List building is not hard. Get this video course and discover how to get started...!


Module #13 - Sales Funnel Basics

9 Video Tutorials.

In this video series, I’m going to show you how to properly set up this smart sales funnel so you can sift the serious buyers from the non-serious buyers.

Interested in how to create a sales funnel that allows you to create a long-term,high-converting list? Everything you need to know is right here in this video course!



Module #14 - Internet Traffic


10 Video Tutorials.

Discover Exactly How to Drive Red Hot Targeted Traffic To Any Offer! Become A Traffic Master Today!

The TRUTH is most of the traffic methods taught today are either outdated or simply don't work as effectively anymore. You need to discover what works TODAY!


Module #15 - Complete SEO Tactics

10 Video Tutorials.

How To Get Unlimited FREE High Quality Targeted Traffic! Discover How To Use SEO To Get High Quality Targeted Traffic.

Paid traffic is expensive and very hard to get right. Search engine traffic is not only FREE but is long term and can drive visitors for years to come on autopilot.



Module #16 - Social Marketing


10 Video Tutorials.

How To Use The Power of Social Media To Gain More Customers, Revenue and Profits!

Social marketing is having a tremendous impact on internet marketing in today's business world! When you do social media marketing the RIGHT WAY, you have massively boosted your chance of success!


Module #17 - Affiliate Marketing

10 Video Tutorials.

Step-By-Step Method To Make Money Online Marketing The Best Products And Services Of Other People Go From An Affiliate Newbie To Rockstar In Less Time You Imagined.

If you've ever wanted to create an income stream from the lucrative world of affiliate marketing (even if you've never had any experience before), then this is for you.



Module #18 - Creating a Membership Website


9 Video Tutorials.

An Easy Way To Setup Up A Streamlined Membership Site That Sells and Delivers Your Content On 100% Autopilot!

You know that the easiest and quickest way to create an automated online business, that produces reliable recurring income consistent day in and day out, is to start your very own digital membership site?



Get Started Now! Watch First Video!


“What Kind Of Results Can You Expect Once You Understand
The Tech Stuff?”

It's the EXACT same Step-By-Step technical training I went through, and it will show you the very things you need to do or at least understand how to do to start making your life the amazing life you are intended to have.

Once I figured it all out I was able to start making money on demand. If I see something I want I don't go and take it out of my bank account. I either set down and set up a website ready to sell one of the many products I have and make the money I need or I quickly explain to my tech team what needs to be done and they set it up for me.

Remember I still don't like to do the tech stuff but it sure is nice to know I can explain it so it is clear and understandable to those I outsource to!

It has become kind of a game to me now. I see what I want and I see how fast I can generate the income. It's really a whole lot of fun and I'm addicted to making money now. And I bet you will be too!


“The True Value of What You're Getting Here is Insane! You're Getting Over $1,385 Worth of Training for Pennies on the Dollar!...”

Students have paid $17 a month to attend these online classes... and it's been worth every penny plus more.

And every student that took action has had a 100% success rate... Why? Because everything is so cleanly laid out and clearly explained.

If you stop and think about it, even at $17 a month to access all 18 modules worth of training is really a painless investment in yourself...

If you had the knowledge, wisdom and understand to turn ANY online business into a $10,000+ income producing system... wouldn't it be worth it?... Seriously?...

What if you could achieve only one-tenth of this?... What if you could only produce only $1,000 per month, wouldn't this course alone with a $497 price tag be worth it? Afterall, you'd only have to setup 1 business to get your money back and learn a tremendously valuable lesson along the way...

But guess what?... It's not going to cost you anywhere near this price.

We could easily set this up as a 'Pay as You Go' system and sell each module for as little as 10 bucks for a total of $180. And that would be $180 well spent and ALL that PLR sitting on your hard drive right now would be put to good use and turning a profit for you!

But as you'll soon find out... we're going to do you even better!...


"My business has increased and my sales are growing each day!"

I don't know how you do it David, but you keep coming up with awesome products. Another top quality product that will bring in more money for me. Your system sell so easily, it's like an instant money maker. Thanks. - John

"I don't want to miss any new product that you put out there!"

Your material is easy to follow, easy to read, professional, and the graphics are truly amazing. Where do you get the creative juices to do all this stuff? I come back to your sites often and check out all the others as well. I don't want to miss any new product that you put out there. Keep up the excellent work, keep on providing exceptional value for your customers' buck, and may fortune smile upon you as you go about your life. - Danny Fortune

"David Railey - You are awesome!"

I just wanted to let you know. After dealing with so many internet marketers (and you guys know your stuff) who feel a bit like "used car salesman," your approach is refreshing. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it. - Merry Wise


“Imagine This...”

Just imagine this for a second... you go to every person that has ever told you that your "little Internet adventure" just won't work cause you will never be able to overcome the technical wall no matter how hard you try.

You now look at them and with the biggest voice you have you yell out... "I told you so!"

Better yet you know you hold the key to helping them do the very same thing.

Don't you love the cycle of helping. Someone helps you and you in return can help someone else now.

"They Say Money Can't Bring You Happiness."

I can tell you this. after struggling and being buried in debt up to my ears I am MUCH happier in the position I am now. It's nice to never worry about money, to never stress about bills, never wonder how I'm going to pay for something.

So this is it... This is your big chance.

Don't let this chance pass you by while it is the most affordable help you will find.

Either you can stay in the same boat with just one paddle that you've always been in, going round and around trying to figure out how to get the technical aspects of making money online worked out...


You can get in a new boat and grab this technical blueprint and sail away with the education and experience that will lead you to fulfilling your dreams of financial security.

This is it. The choice is yours. Just take action now before it's too late!

"Here's Your Chance To Discover The Help You'll Never Get From Others."

I want to be your guide!

Just click on the order now button below and grab your technical success it for only $27 $17 today!

Yes really!

Just $97 $27 $17 if you get it right now before I come to my senses and raise the price. I have serious plans to sell this entire home study course for $97... but you can get it at a fraction of the price right now!

You just won't find this info freely anywhere else. That's a solid fact!

NO Tech College Or University In The World Will Give You The True Technical Training You Need For Your Internet Business

Start Using My XTreme Profit Machine Training Blueprint Right Now!

You have the power to change your life for the better. I'm handing you the key. All you have to do is accept it.

You really do have total freedom to make as little or as much money as you wish! But you have to get past the technical barriers first in order to have that freedom!

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This is high quality training that will teach you, someone who is new to Internet marketing, all about how you can make money online. The techniques you learn here are simple, yet vital.

Your friend and technical mentor,
David Railey!

P.S. This blueprint is more than just a product... is all about YOU... your life... your reality... your happiness!

What you face and experience every day can change this very moment starting with your decision that you make right now to get this.

We still live in an amazing land of opportunity and IT'S YOUR RIGHT to live in peace and prosperity.

So it's a win-win situation for the both of us. You get to see my proven technical blueprint to the one huge thing that has kept you from making money on the Internet, and I have the satisfaction of knowing that I've had a direct impact on your life for the better!



"It couldn't be any easier than this!"

One can make a whole lot more money if they were to have their own product to sell online (instead of just promoting someone elses product for a share of their profit)... Simply get this course today and watch and learn exactly how to create your own product to sell online. It couldn't be any easier than this. Best Regards - Mason Ramm

"Videos that I use to this very day... they simply work!"

The very first product I ever bought from David was over 3 years ago and that's how I got my start in Internet Marketing. Needless to say he's still cranking out high quality products that I use to this very day simply because they work. David knows internet marketing! - Terry Phong

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I have bought alot from you through my journey online & can say I would choose using and buying your products rather than any others online and thats because no matter what you have always corrected or fixed any problem I had without a hassle or a million questions. Thank you so much Mr.David Railey One day I hope to have the knowledge & level of expertise you market. - Travis Bradford

"Run and buy whatever they sell - it is SO worth it!!"

Your products make me look like a rock star! Graphics and mini-sites that I can do myself - and I'm not "techie" at all. I could write a sales letter but I couldn't make it "pretty" before these great lessons. They are quick and easy to do now. Run and buy whatever they sell - it is SO worth it! - Sue Anne Dunlevie

"Your training has really helped me big time!"

Just letting you know and for anyone reading this right now that your products and training have really helped me big time in getting a grip on the many ways to make some loot online! Thank you for a great education and your many free gifts! - Larry Bilich


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