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Dear Fellow Marketer,

When you start out trying to make money online it can be a minefield. With marketers trying to sell you expensive training programs, coaching programs for thousands of dollars and trying to convince you that their methods are the best and the only ones for you to buy.

For a new marketer it can be an expensive minefield to navigate, leaving you feeling remarkably unfulfilled as you don't ever get all the information you need to actually succeed online. That piece of information is often just of reach in the next program being sold to you.

This constant having to have the newest information in order to succeed online gets wearing after a while when you realise that, in most cases, the vital information you need is constantly kept out of reach. You realise that it is in none of these guru's best interests to help you make money!

Why? Surely that's insanity?

Think about it, as soon as you start making money online you'll stop buying their products and their income stream will dry up. Then they'd have to go looking for some one to replace you in buying their products. So many of the big name marketers sell you the same re-hashed products again and again with a slick sales letter, fancy graphics and a punchy new name.

But you want to succeed online, don't you?

I mean, you want to make serious money online - enough for you to quit your day job comfortably?

Or enough to ensure your family is well looked after and can enjoy the life you would like them to have.

Or earn enough to become the next Internet millionaire and live an incredibe like of plenty and completely change your life through your online market.

So how do you learn how to do this? How do you master the advanced techniques of making money online when you struggle with the most basic of things?

How do you navigate this minefield without your wallet losing thousands of dollars and how to you get a grip on the simple techniques that lay the very foundation stone of a 6 or 7 figure online business?

Don't you think it's time that you had ...

A step by step guide showing you a system that makes you money from the Internet?
A no fluff, easy to follow guide showing you the stuff other marketers leave out?
The chance to deal with someone who wants you to succeed in creating your income from the Internet?

Xtreme Profit Machine Fast Track Success Secrets Revealed!

The Xtreme Profit Machine series has been specially created with the new marketer in mind. It has been designed to take you by the hand and show you exactly how you can turn a profit from the Internet, even if you have never managed to before.

This series has been created to introduce you to some core concepts and help you really grasp the mindset of the online business person - something many marketers fail to do.

It walks you through some of the basic premises behind Internet marketing and making sure you understand the fundamentals to build your successful business on. You'll learn about hosting, and name servers, FTP, choosing a niche, registering domains and more, but all presented in a simple, step by step format explained with no jargon or technical terms. It's easy to understand and will allow you to push ahead in starting your own online business.

For someone who is new to Internet marketing, the Xtreme Profit Machine video training program is ideal. It's like one on one coaching, looking over my shoulder and learning exactly how you can make money using a simple, yet proven technique.

Step By Step Guide To...
Online Marketing

With a simple to follow step by step approach, these videos are presented to you in an easy to digest format. You will be able to follow along, literally watching every step I take, as I show you how to use this system to make money.

No stone is left unturned as your questions are answered and you are walked through the process of creating your own website online one step at a time. For anyone who is suffering from information overload online, this is an ideal program, designed to help you profit online. With everything presented in this easy to follow format you will enjoy walking through the process of creating a money making website.

Because of the way these videos are presented, it avoids a lot of the confusion you find with other training programs. You can take one step at a time, get comfortable with it and move on to the next step. You focus on one step at a time before moving on, meaning you can follow the program in bite sized chunks and make sure you succeed. There's no sitting through hours of video before you know what you need to do. You can literally get starting within minutes of watching these videos.

All in all, you are getting a complete Internet Marketing education designed to turn you into a successful online marketer.

“Introducing The Xtreme Profit Machine Starter Videos!

Xtreme Profit Machine covers the basic principles that you need to know to start setting up your online business. One of the first things you need to understand, and one of the things that cause so many marketers to fail online, is having the right mindset. Starting a business is something some people struggle with, but this program will share with you the mindset of successful online marketers to help you take a short cut to success.

Then you get straight on to the meat of the course and making money online by finding a profitable niche.

Next you are shown exactly what to do with this niche and how to take it from a concept through to a money making site, something that is left out of far too many other programs. The Xtreme Profit Machine program demonstrates this and explains the underlying concepts so you aren't left in the dark wondering what your registrar is or where to put your name servers!

For someone who is new to marketing, this is an ideal program to help you get started and start profiting.

Let's have a look at exactly what you are going to be learning when you invest in this training program ...

Component #1 - Introduction

This video introduces you to the core concepts of this program and gets you ready to make the most of this program.

Running Time:  5m 45s

Component #2 - Entrepreneur Mindset

Understand the mindset of successful entrepreneurs and how you can learn this mindset. This is perhaps one of the biggest keys for succeeding as an Internet marketer.

Running Time:  10m 56s

Component #3 - Choosing A Niche

Get the right niche and you will make a fortune. Pick the wrong niche and you'll make nothing. Find out where to find profitable niches and what to look for when choosing a niche to market in.

Running Time:  7m 29s

Component #4 - Choosing Your Domain Name

The right domain name can help you make sales and rank better plus provide your business with a brand. Find out what to look for when choosing the best domain name for your new website.

Running Time:  8m 18s

Component #5 - Setting Up Your Web Hosting

Many people are confused about how to set up their web hosting. This will talk you through the entire process of choosing and setting up your web hosting ready for your new website.

Running Time:  3m 10s

Component #6 - FTP Explained

FTP is one of the easiest ways for you to transfer your files to your website and something a lot of people shy away from. Find out how to use free FTP software to transfer your new website to your web hosting.

Running Time:  2m 33 s

Component #7 - Creating A Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is how you capture leads to build a list so you can market to them and make money from them. Find out how to create a great looking squeeze page to help you build your list.

Running Time:  4m 44s

Component #8 - Creating Your Report

To capture leads you need to give away something of value. This video shows you ho to create a valuable report to give away in order to build your list of loyal subscribers.  

Running Time:  6m 12s

Component #9 - Setting Up Your Autoresponder

Learn how to set up your autoresponder to send messages to your list to build a relationship with them and to market to them. Learn what your list wants and how to work with them for the best results.

Running Time:  13m 0s

Component #10 - Using EzineArticles

Ezinearticles is a great source of traffic and backlinks. Learn how to work with Ezinearticles to get the best results and to drive traffic to your squeeze page.

Running Time:  7m 47s

Component #11 - Traffic From Social Bookmarks

Social indicators are important both for traffic and for your rankings in the search engines. Learn how to create social bookmarks for maximum effect.

Running Time:  5m 48s

Component #12 - Traffic From Press Releases

Press releases are great source of traffic and can give you a good boost in the search engine rankings. Learn what press releases are, how to create them and where to submit them for the best results.  

Running Time:  3m 49s

Component #13 - Creating Paypal Buttons

If you are going to sell anything then you need to have Paypal buttons so you can accept payment. Learn how to create Paypal buttons to use on your website.

Running Time:  5m 33s

Check out a sample video below to what
you can expect with this in-depth course...


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“Imagine This...”

Just imagine this for a second... you go to every person that has ever told you that your "little Internet adventure" just won't work cause you will never be able to overcome the technical wall no matter how hard you try.

You now look at them and with the biggest voice you have you yell out... "I told you so!"

Better yet you know you hold the key to helping them do the very same thing.

Don't you love the cycle of helping. Someone helps you and you in return can help someone else now.

"They Say Money Can't Bring You Happiness."

I can tell you this. after struggling and being buried in debt up to my ears I am MUCH happier in the position I am now. It's nice to never worry about money, to never stress about bills, never wonder how I'm going to pay for something.

So this is it... This is your big chance.

Don't let this chance pass you by while it is the most affordable help you will find.


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To Your Success,
David Railey

P.S. Remember, this step by step training program will show you exactly how you can start making money from the Internet - this is your opportunity to take the fast track to success

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